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Miles Cruz
Miles Cruz

Poem Script Font .rar

Kinfolk is a thin and classy serif fonts with delicate details in the rounding of the O and the connectors to the ascenders and descenders. This font is perfect for delicate logos, letterheads, magazines and to pair with script fonts.

Poem Script Font .rar

Margo is not just a font, it's a font duo. One is a thick serif with a nice natural textured edge, the other is a thin and delicate script. Both together are a perfect pair and work great as logos, branding labels and more.

Description: Made by Pete Klassen. The font as seen in LOTR's end credits. Unicode and Cyrillic versions of the font can also be found on the author's homepage, here. True Type font contained in a .zip file with examples and help files.

Description: 'This font was created after studying still frames of Bilbo's Red Book in the movie. The correct dots are there - you just need to capital the vowels.' Bold and italic versions of the font can be found on the author's homepage. Font by Nancy Lorenz. True Type font contained in a .zip file.

Description: Based on Max Miedinger's Helvetica, one of the most famous sans-serif fonts, closely imitated by Arial. It is meant for writing in "modern-looking" Tengwar. Created by Ronald Kyrmse. True type file (download in .zip format)

Description: A font based on the sign at Bilbo's front gate, and which cortains all the proper dots and vowel markings. Made by Nancy Lorenz. True Type font in a .zip file, which also contains a readme file for use.

Description: A celtic style font, created by Omega Font Labs, that works well with many Tolkien images. The .zip file contains 6 versions of the True Type font (italic, bold, hollow, etc.). This is also the font used in the "Rohan" theme on CoE.

Description: "Tencele Latinwa ("Latin Alphabet" in Quenya) assigns to each letter of the keyboard a tengwa-lookalike. It is based on Måns Björkman's Tengwar Parmaite, which in my opinion is the most beautiful tengwa font to date."


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