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[Extra Quality] Project 2 Third Edition Tests

The test repository is a tree-like organizational structure at the project level. It allows you to hierarchically organize tests within folders and sub-folders. This folder concept is common in some tools and resembles file organization in a computer's operating system.

[Extra quality] project 2 third edition tests


The Meaningful Use program (see Chapter 1) has propelled the development of both EHR-linked and EHR-integrated registries. For example, EHR-integrated registries have expanded to meet EHR certification requirements and to help health systems meet requirements for workflow efficiency and quality improvement to achieve value-based criteria (e.g., improving population health). EHR-linked registries have grown as the Meaningful Use program specifically requires the reporting of EHR data to external registries (e.g., public health registries, quality reporting registries).4 Meaningful Use Stage-1 provided an optional objective (which became a mandatory objective in Meaningful Use Stage-2) for eligible hospitals and professionals to submit EHR-extracted electroni