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The Raid 2 Blu-ray 1080p 15: Everything You Need to Know About This Special Edition

The second half of The Raid opened with a very rare and perhaps epically bright moment: rain. It's the kind of rain that's so loud that all you can think to do is run and cover your head to block it out. It's a scene never done before, but now done brilliantly here. Also, it's just the beginning of the onslaught of rain in The Raid 2. We also get to see the making of the whole city look like a Hong Kong action film from the '80's. The street, market, and subway all look so lived-in and unique. It's the type of world we never really had before. It's a refreshing side of action films.

The Raid 2 Bluray 1080p 15

The Raid 2 has a slim story, which in some ways feels like it's a structural necessity in making a sequel work. The film's plot is simple: the other guy has a bigger team and is about to get his. There's nothing wrong with a simple story. The problem is that sometimes we get a simple story that doesn't move the plot along. Evans doesn't feel the need to make the plot terribly complex and move around locations. There are only a handful of locations during the entire movie. In my opinion, it would have worked better if Evans had moved around more, doing the kind of training the army would do for an op. There are only a few key locations in Jakarta that come into play. Rather than fight around the same city over and over again, more locations would have made for a more exciting movie. As it stands we get to see the same areas over and over again. As they move around, Uwais' squad makes these street-level dangerous areas look more and more familiar. It feels like an action thriller film from Indonesia.


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