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Lash Extensions: Can I use the same adhesive for a whole set?

When you are working on a set of lashes, be it classics or volume sets, you must change your adhesive 'dot' regularly throughout.

Certain factors effect how long your adhesive stays fresh after it has been dispensed:

➡️ If the room is humid or warm you will need to change it more frequently.

➡️ If the room is cool and dry your adhesive will remain fresher for slightly longer.

➡️ Even the adhesive holder may affect its longevity.

➡️ Different adhesives last different amounts of time too.

A good general rule is to replace the glue dot every 20-30 minutes if you are unsure. But there are some tell-tale signs to look out for that will let you know when it's time to replace your dot:

❌ If your adhesive is getting stringy replace it.

❌ When your adhesive starts getting thick and you're noticing more micro-beads on the extensions, it's definitely time to refresh.

❌ If the edges of the adhesive are turning matte, crusty or white, get rid!

These are signs that the adhesive is starting to cure. If you do continue using the glue dot, your retention is probably going to be much shorter. You may also notice lashes pinging off when you brush through, there may be more 'stickies' at the end of your set, and the glue bonds will be heavy and more noticeable.

To get the best results:

✔️ If the adhesive has a thin viscosity, is not stringy and has a completely shiny surface, you are good to go.

✔️ Always use the adhesive from the center of the dot so that you only use the freshest part (it cures from the outside in)

✔️ My preference for glue holders are the small plastic glue wells. This is because they allow the smallest surface area to be exposed to the air, compared to a flat surface which has a large surface area exposed to the air.

Happy lashing!

Kaylee xx

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