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The Little Training Salon is located at By Kaylee, a small successful boutique salon located in the heart of Lancashire town, Bacup. We provide superior quality beauty courses using premium course materials and kits, so that you will go on provide exceptional treatments every time.

Explore the rest of our site to learn more about what we have to offer, and please don't hesitate to get in touch with any questions!



image of a table top with a training manual titled "Semi Permanent Individual Lash extensions" and a Girl Boss name plate

At the Little Training Salon we believe that beauty courses should cover ALL the bits you need to know to begin or further your career - not just the bare minimum and a piece of paper at the end.


That is why I opened The LTS, and why I have put extensive time, knowledge and experience into our manuals. I call them complete beginners bibles, containing a wealth of advice, tips and troubleshooting. A manual that you can refer back to far beyond your case studies. 


I train in small class sizes and offer 1:1 direct training, using only the best products so that you can go on to provide exceptional services.

Get in touch today, or browse our courses to learn more about what we have to offer.

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Kaylee xx

Hello! I'm Kaylee, owner of By Kaylee Beauty Boutique and founder of The Little Training Salon.

I opened my boutique salon in early 2019, with a goal to create a welcoming space where clients feel at ease while receiving high quality treatments.

During my time in the beauty industry I have been disheartened to see so many therapists with incorrect knowledge and carrying out often harmful treatments. Due to the lack of regulation within the industry I believe responsibility falls on the shoulders of trainers and educators. And I believe that many of the courses available today fall short of the standards required to create a good therapist.


This is why I started The Little Training Salon.

If you are looking for a training provider that goes beyond the basics, that shows you how to carry out quality treatments for your clients, and that offers ongoing support through your business journey, you have found the right place to train. and I look forward to meeting you!

Image of Kaylee, owner of The Little Training Salon and By Kaylee

About Me

Certificates hang on the wall

My Qualifications

  • AET Level 3 (Teaching Qualifications UK)

  • Foundation Degree in Makeup Artistry

  • Level 2 Diploma Cosmetic Makeup & Beauty Consultancy (VTCT)

  • Level 3 Diploma Nail Technology (VTCT)

  • Brow Lamination (ABT)

  • Advanced Eyebrow Henna, Measuring and Shaping (ABT)

  • Semi-Permanent Eyelash Extensions (GTi)

  • Covid-19 Infection Prevention and Control (GTi)

  • Various Private Masterclasses.

Image of Kaylee with a big smile on her face, wearing a black top holding a box reading 'bananas', working at a banana farm in Australia.

My Experience

Years ago I started my mobile makeup business with no clients and very little experience. Just an incredible passion and a strong  belief in myself. I went on to open my salon 'By Kaylee' early in 2019 with great success! But I didn't go straight from school to starting a business...

First, I travelled and worked many different jobs (even at a banana farm!) Most recently I worked for a well known amusement park, writing and improving their training manuals, and training staff. This is where I discovered my passion for training. 

In The Little Training Salon I have managed to combine my desire to train with my first love, makeup & beauty.

Glass table top with a name plate reading '#girlboss', and one of our training manuals for Semi Permanent Individual Lash Extensions

My Promise

My promise to you is to provide top quality, comprehensive training, using the best resources I can get my hands on. I will use only products I believe in, and supply professional quality kits that allow you to go straight out into the industry and begin practising your new trade.

Not only will I teach you, but you will learn.

The LTS manuals (or Beginners Bibles as I call them) are a labour of love and passion for our industry, and a invaluable tool to you as a beginner. They contain every bit of useful information from my own training and experiences as a working therapist.

You need to make sure you are learning from a great therapist, not only a great teacher! So please do click through the links below to take a look at my work carried out in my own salon, By Kaylee.


When you choose to learn at our venue you will be trained in a real working salon - no classrooms!

Our courses are delivered at my cosy boutique salon where I treat my own clients. You will get to see how I run my business, and gain real-life insight to give you a great start in your own beauty journey.

Our treatment facilities include:

  • Fully equipped, relaxing treatment room for lash and brow treatments.

  • Large makeup station with a huge floor-standing mirror, plenty of natural light & additional artificial lighting at >95 CRI for true colour, and height-adjustable chair for maximum therapist comfort.

  • Nail desk fully stocked with all the nail art, gel polishes and CJP acrylics you could ask for to use during your training.

Of course, if you already have your own workspace I can also come to you! Email me to find out more!

certificates hanging on the salon wall near a window with sun coming through from the left.
inside the salon
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