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Install Mapserver Php Mapscript Ubuntu Server

The FGS Linux Installer is a self-extracting file that will installMapServer with PHP/MapScript and all of their dependencies on your Linuxsystem. It provides a stand-alone environment with all the requiredsoftware (incl. Apache and PHP) to run PHP/MapScript webmappingapplications. The bundled version of Apache can be configured to run onany port so it will not interfere with previous installations of Apache orother web servers on your system.

Install Mapserver Php Mapscript Ubuntu Server

You can then try the second test page mapserver/mapscript/php/examples/test_draw_map.phtml.This page simply opens a MapServer .map file and inserts its map, legend,and scalebar in an HTML page. Modify the page to access one of your ownMapServer .map files, and if you get the expected result, then everythingis probably working fine.

So, this PR opens up mapscript support for PHP7. Since there is no ducomentation I