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Acrylic 1:1 Upskill Training

One to one training to improve your acrylic nails - basic and design

  • 299 British pounds


Acrylic 1:1 training can be tailored to suit your skill level. This training is designed for you if - a) you trained a long time ago, or have spent time away from the industry and want to refresh and update your skills. b) you are new to acrylic nails and you need a jump start to learn those tips and tricks that come with experience. c) you have been doing acrylics for a while and you want to level up your work but are not sure how or what you need to work on. During your acrylic 1:1 training session you will learn: Complete, safe nail prep for best possible adhesion of the acrylic. How to correctly fit and tailor forms and the benefits of forms vs tips. Acrylic ratios and application, and when to use wet or dry beads. Master your cuticle and side wall application. Shaping and refining using your brush and your files - no e-file needed. The correct acrylic structure for strength. How to apply acrylic to different nail shapes, and how to 'correct' nail imperfections. The training will run from 10.00am - 4.30pm with 1 hour break during the day. My complete kit of CJP acrylics will be available for you to use during your training. During the training you will be working on either yourself or your trainer, no models are required. You will be learning in an informal setting, one to one with your trainer. Breaks are provided throughout the day. There are nearby cafe's and shops, and the salon has microwave and refrigerator facilities. Bottled water, teas and coffees will be provided. **You must have the relevant nail qualifications for acrylic enhancements to carry out treatments on clients. This training does not include an accredited certificate and will not enable you to obtain insurance to carry out acrylic nail treatments of any kind. It is solely intended to add to your existing qualification and improve your acrylic skills.** If you can't find a date you require for your training please contact me via message or email to discuss alternative dates.


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