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Why you shouldn't be doing a full set of lash extensions in an hour

This may be controversial, but my opinion is that a full set of lashes, even Classics, should always take longer than an hour.

I used to long for the days when I could do a set in an hour!

But years on and it still takes me around 2 hours for a full set. In fact, I'm sure it always will, and that's not a bad thing!

So this is your official confirmation that you don't need to get down to an hour!

I know its difficult not to compare yourself to other techs, especially when you're new at it. And it may seem like completing a full set in an hour is a great selling point. But really, its not!

The thing is, when you start prioritising time and speed, you risk making sacrifices in quality - and clients will notice.

What you should be prioritising:

• Proper lash prep

• Getting a strong bond for good retention

• Isolating correctly to avoid lash damage

• Creating full sets with high coverage

And let me tell you, the clients that you want in your books aren't looking for mediocre lashes that they can squeeze in on their lunch break.

At best, a rushed set won't last very long. At worst they are causing pain and lasting damage to the clients lashes!

Your dream client wants quality sets that last, that look gorgeous, that feel light as air and that don't damage their natural lashes. And I promise, you don't get those results in one hour.

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